You can still give your bathroom a brand new look without being bogged down by bathroom reno costs. There are a handful of tips you can incorporate when undertaking your bathroom renovation to help bring down the overall price tag. Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Check out these simple tips to help keep your budget in check.

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Keep Existing Plumbing

A great way to avoid flushing your money down the toilet is to keep the plumbing infrastructure in place, instead of moving it to a different area of the bathroom. Once you factor in the amount of work, labour, and installation cost, you’re looking at thousands of dollars to replace something that already exists.

It’s estimated that relocating each plumbing fixture – like a toilet or tub, costs approximately $5,000 per fixture. So only go down this route if it’s absolutely necessary. In fact, drastically changing any aspect of the room’s layout is a costly endeavor, so keep this in mind when planning your bathroom renovation budget.

Consider Tile Alternatives

Some alternatives to tiles that you can consider for your bathroom include headboard, reclaimed wooden panels, and board and batten. You can even opt to tile just a portion of the bathroom – this helps to create flexibility in the space. You could paint the remaining walls or install wallpaper, which will make any future renovations easier to complete.

And remember, if you intend to display any artwork in the bathroom, tile will make this far more difficult. When it comes to tile material, ceramic tiles are one of the more affordable options while imitation marble or granite is an inexpensive way to create a luxurious feel while minimizing the cost of bathroom renovation.

Incorporate Cost-Effective Materials

The best way to keep costs down during your bathroom reno is to choose the right materials. For instance, porcelain tile is far less expensive than natural stone, and with today’s craftsmanship, it’s next to impossible to differentiate one from the other.

And the good thing about porcelain is that it’s far more durable than natural stone, and less likely to chip and crack. Browsing the internet for any hot sales or purchasing floor models from a showroom are some other great avenues to cut costs.

Opt for Shower Instead of Tub

If your bathtub is just sitting there and collecting dust, removing it completely and replacing it with a shower instead could be a good way for you to save a few bucks and some needless cleaning. Shower-only bathrooms are becoming more and more popular, but ultimately it’s up to the needs of your household.

Use LED Lights

Opting for quality LED lighting set up in your bathroom is always recommended. Sure, you might pay a little more upfront, but the amount of savings reflected on your electricity bill will be significant. Plus, you won’t have to change the bulbs nearly as often.

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Utilizing the existing plumbing, sourcing the right materials, and opting for LED lighting are all great ways to keep costs down when you embark on a bathroom remodel. For more information on bathroom renovations, call the professionals at Refined Renos. We have years of experience delivering high-quality bathroom renovation services to homeowners in Toronto and the GTA.