How to Maximize your Kitchen Space: Tips and Tricks

Here at Refined Renos, we’ve spent a long time constructing high-quality kitchens large and small. Some of the many things we’ve realized over our countless kitchen renovation projects is that when renovating, homeowners find functionality and comfort to be as important as style and aesthetics. One thing every homeowner wants is legroom and storage space. Even when it feels like you’re using your space as best as you can, you may have complaints about how little you can fit in your cabinetry, how crowded the kitchen gets before or after a meal and so on. Thankfully, there are so many ways you can squeeze as much space out of your kitchen as possible, and in our many years spent serving the GTA we’ve come across many creative solutions and tricks which we’ve put together in this quick guide for your convenience. Take a look below!

  1. Need more shelving space? How about using the tops of your cabinets?

Consider using the space above your cabinets as a spot for an extra shelf. If your cabinets don’t go up all the way to the ceiling, this out of the way, out of reach spot is a good place to store items you don’t regularly use which clutter up your other shelves. Use this space for items like cake stands, ornamental dishes, roasting pans or larger stock pots.

Basement closet

  1. Take advantage of that open wall space.

If your kitchen has an open wall you’re not taking advantage of, you should be slapping yourself in the forehead. Use that open wall by installing shelves, a fold-down table or pegboard to hang your pots on. You can also hang up a chalkboard or whiteboard for writing lists, putting up information and freeing up some of the space on your fridge’s magnetic surface.

  1. Add extra shelves to your cabinets.

Your dishes and pantry items will only be stacked so high before the tower topples. Use that open space for extra storage and reduce the risk of broken dishes. It may seem simple and easy, but it works wonders.

Basement kitchen

  1. Use the sides and insides of your cabinets by hanging kitchen items.

One or two nails or hangers can provide you with an extra spot to hang a frying pan or utensil, which would otherwise be in the way. Not only are these hangers useful for freeing up space, they also provide extra decoration when used to hang a towel or ornament.

  1. Go for custom cabinetry.

Store bought cabinets may not provide your kitchen with the perfect fit, leaving wide gaps or unused space. Investing in custom cabinetry not only allows you to match the style of the décor to your kitchen’s interior design but also to properly use every inch of your available space for much-needed storage.

Kitchen cabinets desgn

  1. Remodel to suit your floorplan, not the other way around.

An essential remodelling concept is the work triangle, a 70-year old concept that designers still use today. This simple idea saves both time and energy, and allows you to connect the 3 main work areas: sink, stove and fridge. The general guideline is that the distance between these three items should be less than 4 feet, and no more than 9, allowing for enough legroom while minimizing the steps you have to take to go from one to the other. This design is a great key concept to use when designing the inside of your kitchen and planning where to place appliances and fixtures.

  1. Consider a hanging rack.

Use your ceiling space if you don’t have enough cabinet space, and hang pots and pans instead. A hanging rack is a great, useful solution which can be installed virtually anywhere: from your ceiling, under your cabinets, or right above a major appliance.

  1. Use your island as a table.

An island bar is an-ever useful trend in kitchen design, which allows you to use the island as counter space and table space at the same time. If your family likes to eat in the kitchen, and not at the table, consider installing a hanging island counter and purchasing a few barstools to free up space, and create a unique design.

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