Kitchen Renovations in Toronto and the GTA

Kitchen Renovations Toronto

Whether it is the space that you use to prepare a delicious meal or the room that you like to entertain your friends and family, a good kitchen is the key to a comfortable and inviting home. A kitchen renovation can increase the worth of your home by up to 30%, so it is no surprise that is the most popular room in the house in terms of choosing for an upgrade in the Greater Toronto Area. A kitchen renovation can improve the functionality of your culinary space, as well as bring the decor up to the standards of your current tastes.

Here at Refined Renos we pride ourselves on providing you with the kitchen that you and your family deserve. We have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area since 2015 and have strived for 100% customer satisfaction from the very beginning. For trustworthy and affordable service you will find no one better than Refined Renos.


Small Kitchen Renovations

For kitchens that are small or cramped, there are a variety of renovations that will change your space from a claustrophobic discomfort into the heart of your entire home. The potential of your kitchen should not be limited by its size, so what strategies can you, as a homeowner, use to improve this valuable space?

    • Remove a wall to allow for an open concept design that you will be able to enjoy freely.
    • Install a window or a skylight to provide your kitchen with a source of natural light.
    • Open up a half wall to expand sightlines and give you the breathing room that you need.
    • Add reflective tiles or mirrors in strategic areas to allow to the space to appear larger than it actually is, while also contributing to a stylistic flair.

Whatever steps you wish to take in your kitchen renovation to give you space and the comfortability you deserve, Refined Renos can provide you with the top quality service you require.

Small Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Cabinets Installation

Kitchen Cabinets

No matter your sense of style, or the extent of your culinary talent, the cabinet space within your kitchen is crucial to the room’s every function. Without a set of kitchen cabinets suited to your needs and aesthetic desires, your kitchen can be left without one of its most important tools. Selecting and designing your kitchen cabinet space will ensure that they will fit perfectly into both your dream kitchen, and into your unique needs. We here at Refined Renos are proud to say that we can provide you with the custom cabinets you need to make this a reality. Do not allow your kitchen renovation to be ruined by a set of poor or inconvenient cabinets.

Our Kitchen Contractors

Refined Renos is here to help you fulfill the fantastic potential of your kitchen space. We serve the Greater Toronto Area as well as much of southern Ontario, and are committed to making your project come to life. For a free, no-obligation consultation or to receive a quote contact us at 4168-754-802. We look forward to hearing from you.