Demolition Services by Experts

When it comes to any sort of demolition project each situation is entirely unique and complex. Whether you are looking to completely remodel your office space, or simply remove a single interior wall from your home, it is crucial that you receive the services of reliable and trustworthy professionals.

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Make sure that the entire process is done in an efficient and safe manner, protecting you from the dangers of causing costly or even irreparable damage to your property.

Refined Renos can provide you with the dedicated and professional service that you need. We will ensure that the entire project remains up to the necessary safety standards, while guaranteeing efficient and quality service. There is no need to take unnecessary risks with the help of professional specialists like us, ready to help.

Residential Demolition

A demolition project to your home can vary greatly in its process depending on the age, the size, and even the layout of the building itself. No matter the scale of the residential demolition job that you decide to take on the possibilities are endless as to what precautions must be taken into account before you can take your first swing of the hammer.

What hazards must be considered prior to demolition?

The risk of injury to anyone not using the required safety precautions, such as using steel-toed boots or protective eyewear.

Potentially damaging the water piping, gas lines, or electrical cables that run through the walls that you intend to remove.

Damaging a supporting wall, crucial to the structure and safety of your entire home.

Severe dangers to your lung health if there is a possibility of encountering asbestos or another dangerous substance.

With the sheer variety of potential jobs, as well as the hazards that may be encountered, in a residential demolition, it is crucial that you recruit the help of experienced and licensed professionals. Refined Renos is dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone working on the demolition site, as well as guaranteeing that no unintended damages are caused to your home.

Bathroom or Kitchen Demolition

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If you are looking to renovate or remodel a space in your home such as the kitchen or the bathroom, the demolition process is always the very first step. Especially in the case of room-specific renovations, such as to the kitchen or the bathroom, contractors will not provide you with a demolition service, meaning that you will be left to either attempt the demolition yourself or find a second company to try and assist you in the process. Whether it be a kitchen demolition or a bathroom demolition, it is important that you are provided with the help that you need throughout the entire process.

Unlike many other businesses Refined Renos will assist you from start to finish, having a team of dedicated professionals to meet every need you might have. If you are looking to upgrade your space, why not select a company that is happy to help you all the way through.

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Demolition Contractors Toronto

With all of your demolition needs, Refined Renos is here to provide you with a safe and efficient solution. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area as well as much of southern Ontario since 2015, and have been committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction since the very beginning. For a free, no-obligation consultation or to receive a quote contact us at 4168-754-802. We look forward to hearing from you.