Canada’s Top 10 Trending Finished Basement Ideas 2017

With so many homeowners choosing to invest in home improvement, it’s no wonder basement renovations are quickly becoming a staple of the renovation sphere. Refined Renos has seen quite a few unique, interesting basements throughout our renovation projects. We’ve put together a list of the trendiest design styles and functions we’ve seen throughout our many projects. Take a look at some of Canada’s trending finished basement ideas:

  1. Use rustic wood and heavy tones for dramatic flair:

An outdated basement means carpeting, single colour schemes and a lack of drama in your design. If this sounds like your basement, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Modern basement renovations mean unique, dramatic accents such as deep wooden shelving, rustic brick walls, vibrant pops of colour and stone elements. Browse through our project gallery for examples of modern basements which use these elements to create stylistically unique interiors.

  1. Don’t be afraid of using the space as an investment:

If you have an unfinished basement you don’t use, why not turn it into an apartment for rent? If you live in the GTA, chances are your basement apartment could be a steady source of income if renovated properly. Maximize your profits, and add that kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom for a quality investment which can be rented out, or simply used as a guest suite.

  1. Glamorize your laundry room:

This may seem like a pointless way to spend your money, but trust us when we say that a dark, dreary laundry room is the last room you want to spend time in or show prospective buyers. Your laundry room can easily be turned into a bright, airy interior which is a pleasure to be in by using light colours, covering previously open walls and ceilings, and installing creative shelving for storage space. You clean up your laundry and the rest of your basement.

  1. Go for storage:

One of the main reasons your basement isn’t offering your home the most it possibly could is because of the lack of storage space. Use creative custom cabinetry, shelving and closet space to get the most out of your storage. Using places for storage you wouldn’t have considered before is also a good idea: such as the space beneath your stairs, your laundry room and cellar.

  1. Construct a cold-room:

Not only does a cold-room offer extra storage space, it provides you with a room to store non-perishable foods, cooking and cleaning supplies and fruits and vegetables together. Expand your storage space, and your fridge space at the same time.

  1. Move your workspace:

Create a home-office, or a workspace for your children in order to free up some upstairs room which could be used otherwise. Remember that a workspace can be fit in virtually anywhere, and doesn’t need much allocated room.

  1. Include transitional elements in your décor:

A growing trend is the use of transitional elements over hyper-modern or traditional décor. Including a few elements that take stylistic influence from both extremes creates a well rounded, interesting interior which distinguishes itself from other interiors.  

  1. Create your dream bathroom:

Your basement can be home to a quality bathroom, or an average one. It’s your choice. However, if you’ve always wanted an expansive walk-in shower, or a free-standing soaking tub but had no place to put it, your solution may lay in your basement. If you’re looking to renovate or finish your basement, one use your home may benefit from is an extra bathroom to free up your family’s morning routine. It’s an easy way to improve your home, find a quality use for extra basement space and solve functionality issues.

  1. Remember that money-saving solutions don’t have to be ugly:

If you’re looking to upgrade your basement but want to cut some corners, you can take into account a variety of clever ways to save while retaining the look of your basement. For example, keep your concrete flooring without adding anything overtop, but invest in some stain for the concrete or cover it with a large carpet. Ideas such as this can save you a bunch on renovation costs, and can be used to create a rough, edgy unfinished look.

  1. Construct an area just for your kids:

If you have kids and a basement, you realize that they already spend much of their time there due to the extra space. Why not turn a portion of your basement floor space into a play room for your children? It’s an easy idea which will give your children room to run around, play and be imaginative while getting them out of your way.

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