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If you want to upgrade the value of any home, a good bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to start. Refined Renos is your go-to bathroom renovation company in Vaughan, serving homeowners across the city from Kleinburg and Maple to Concord and Thornhill.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Any good bathroom reno starts with a plan. Before work begins you’ll want a fairly firm idea of what exactly your finished bathroom design will look like. Naturally, that means being aware of all the options. Here are a few ideas to consider:

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There’s nothing wrong with a good bathtub. That being said, it can be the hallmark of an older home. If you’re looking to upgrade to a more modern aesthetic, trading the old, tired tub for a sleek and luxurious shower can make all the difference.

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When it comes to lighting a modern bathroom, the name of the game is light and bright. Generally speaking, the lighter the room, the larger it will look (and therefore the more appealing it will seem to buyers).

High-tech LEDs will work wonders here. Not only are the more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional bulbs, but they often offer a brighter, more consistent light.

If possible, consider also adding a window—LEDs are nice, but there’s really no replacement for natural light.

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Few things will change the mood of a room more effectively than redoing the floor.

When it comes to materials, we offer a few options. Vinyl works well but is susceptible to burns and significant wear and tear. Tile is generally the best option, as it stands up well to use and often looks incredibly clean. If you do choose tile, you’ll want to be sure to keep a few extras on hand in case of future repairs.

Of course, these are just a few of the considerations worth making when considering bathroom renovations. Should you choose to go ahead with your project, the team at Refined Renos would be happy to walk you through the entire design process.

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Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas

A modern bathroom, a minimalistic bathroom, or perhaps a farmhouse bathroom?

Tell us what speaks to you and we’ll do our best to recreate it within the Ontario Building Code. The team at Refined Renos is comprised of skilled bathroom renovation contractors who can construct pretty much any bathroom remodel idea you come up with.

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What Does It Cost to Renovate A Bathroom?

The price tag for your bathroom remodel in Vaughan will depend on the size of the space, as well as on how much work you plan on doing. A typical guest bathroom may cost roughly $14,000 CDN, with the average master bathroom potentially costing upwards of $30,000 to renovate.

Of course, in the long term, maintenance can end up becoming a fairly major cost. To stay ahead of that particular surprise, it pays to keep longevity in mind when first planning your bathroom reno. Consider going more high end on items like faucets and shower doors. The higher initial cost will most likely pay for itself by saving you a headache down the line.

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