The laundry room is a busy spot in most homes, and it should not only function well but also be a pleasant space to be in. Just because it is a small space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have enough space to move or have the right amount of storage.

A few small renovations can turn your old space into a modern laundry room and functional space. Keep reading to learn a few ideas to help you create a more modern and new laundry room.

Create a Layout 

The first step for your new laundry room is the layout. Consider what you need the most in this space. Do you need more storage space, a folding table, a laundry hamper, or even an ironing board? 

With limited space, it’s important to plan carefully. Decide what you need most in the space. Think about colours, space, natural light, and where you need storage that won’t take up too much space.

Select the Right Materials

Consider the materials you want to include in your laundry room. The laundry room is often humid and the floors and walls may be exposed to harsh detergents and chemicals. You want materials that are durable, waterproof, and resilient. 

Choose floors and walls that can withstand high levels of moisture and high traffic. Ceramic tiles or vinyl will work well for floors as they are easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Explore Flooring Options

The floors in your laundry room should be waterproof. They also need to be comfortable to stand on and easy to maintain. Water and other substances will come in contact with your floors so it’s important to choose a material that won’t stain or fade over time. 

Ceramic, laminate, or vinyl floors will withstand moisture and will retain their shape. These types of floors are budget friendly and don’t require much maintenance.

Consider Ventilation Options

Your dryer needs proper ventilation, but without other types of ventilation, the moisture will build up in your laundry room. Lack of proper ventilation can make the room feel stuffy and even lead to mould.

Consider adding a window in your bathroom renovations. This will bring in much-needed fresh air and help keep any moisture buildup at bay. This will also provide natural light into the room which is important for a basement laundry room.

Storage is Important

Storage is essential when it comes to laundry rooms. You will need ample storage for your laundry items and essentials as well as room to store away your freshly washed clothes. Talk to us about your laundry room closet ideas that will help you keep your laundry room organized. 

For smaller spaces, higher shelves, corner cabinets, and stacked storage containers can help keep your laundry room clutter-free. The key is to utilize unused spaces.

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